Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon

Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​

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For those in the Gurgaon area and searching for Makeup artist institute in gurgaon then you are at best place for makeup artist course in gurgaon we have the most comprehensive selection of professional makeup artist training programmes. All levels of expertise are accommodated in the makeup artist training programmes. Each class is designed to help students become competent, self-assured, and prepared to take on the world. Classroom time is spent doing exercises, doing homework, and listening to theoretical lectures. You’ll have the constant encouragement of a Gurgaon-based professional makeup artist who cheers you on as you accomplish your goals and challenges you to take your present level of success to an even higher level. As a result of our small class sizes (up to 6 students per instructor), each student is able to receive the individualised attention they need to become a skilled makeup artist.

Beginning with the fundamentals of  makeup artist course in gurgaon , applying cosmetics and performing basic hairstyling, our 10-week professional makeup artist programme culminates in a certificate programme that covers advanced techniques in these areas, as well as fashion and bridal makeup. We’ve made it to the final round: airbrush cosmetics. Those who already have a foundational understanding of the art of makeup application do not need to repeat the fundamentals in order to earn our Diploma level certification. After finishing the programme, the students are offered full support in finding employment, and they are invited to join the Brush Up cosmetics team, where they are connected to paid opportunities through the school. The students not only learn the skills necessary to become professional makeup artists, but they can also enter the workforce immediately after graduation.

Course Highlight

Makeup artists-in-training can take advantage of our varied, hands-on instruction at our professional makeup artist courses in Gurgaon. Through our makeup workshops, we hope to help you hone your craft and become a sought-after professional in the fields of bridal, television, music video, and fashion makeup.When you enrol in our beauty art school in Gurgaon, we'll help you get set up with the books, brushes, and other supplies you need to become a pro with Makeup Artist Institute In Gurgaon
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Our self-grooming classes will teach you the fundamentals of applying makeup so you can look your best at every event, from job interviews to weddings. You'll learn the ins and outs of self-contouring, Smokey eye, and false lash application, as well as other modern beauty trends.Makeup lessons in Gurgaon from Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon can help you perfect your techniques so that you always look your best without breaking the bank at the spa or salon.
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Our hairstyling classes will teach you the ins and outs of the hairdressing industry and offer you the hands-on experience you need to make a reputation for yourself. The hair cutting course, the hair styling course, and the hair treatment course all have their own unique set of modules from Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon.
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Our hairdressing courses will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to establish yourself as an industry leader. Courses in hair cutting, hair styling, and hair treatment can choose from a variety of modules.
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Our beauty salon training programme in Gurgaon is the ideal way to launch a successful career in the beauty industry. This training will teach you how to make someone look and feel stunning. The classes at Feminaz Beauty Zone are comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics, from basic to advanced skin care to hair removal to various therapies. You will get both classroom instruction and practical experience working with us. Our beauty salon programmes follow a specific curriculum designed to make YOU a household name in the cosmetics industry.
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Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​

General FAQ

 If you are interested in studying makeup but have no prior experience, our full-time, two-month professional course is the way to go. This comprises a certificate in airbrush makeup application in addition to a certificate in bridal makeup application and a diploma in hairstyling. This comprehensive course begins with the fundamentals of doing makeup and progresses through special effects makeup, wedding makeup, fashion makeup, hairstyling, and finally airbrushing before culminating in a professional photoshoot. Opportunities for freelance makeup work and full-time employment are provided after the course is completed from

Makeup Artist Institute In Gurgaon 

We provide professional makeup artist training programmes that last between 3 weeks and 2 months. The weekend course is four months long and the longest one we offer.

Where can I find a course that teaches me how to apply makeup like a pro?

It's simple to sign up for Brush Up by

Makeup Artist Institute In Gurgaon 

professional makeup class. Registration is available both online and at our studio in Gurgaon. 

Once you've completed a course in cosmetics, you can choose between the following professions:


Freelance Popular Makeup Artists Makeup Artists in Print Makeup Artists on the Runway Artist in Charge of the Stage and Theater Makeup Makeup Artists Makeup Classes Cosmetics Stores Spa/Salon/Makeup Studio for Bloggers and Vloggers

Partnership with Hospitality and Transportation Industries

Makeup artists need to have the following abilities in addition to the obvious ones:


Having the know-how about skin care

Ability to connect successfully with customers and a foundational understanding of products' constituents

Disciplined Time Management

Capacity for exertion

Be Patient and Pay Attention

The beauty of combining colours

Swiftness of thought



Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​

You have 21 days from the time you receive your beauty course materials to determine if you want to continue with your online makeup instruction from best

 Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon

. Simply get in touch with Lookobeauty Makeup Academy to get a refund of your tuition costs if you decide for any reason that the course isn't for you.

You can return any unwanted makeup course materials by following the postal instructions Lookobeauty will give you. Please be aware that the school does not pay for return shipping.


The professional makeup kits offered in the Special FX Makeup course and the Airbrush Makeup Workshop are non-refundable due to hygienic concerns.


Who are the qualified makeup artists who will be your instructors during your course?

To work with students, Lookobeauty Makeup Academy has selected professional makeup artists with great care. You'll be connected with an expert in the field who will assist you in developing into a successful makeup artist. Every task you turn in will receive customised audio comments from your professor, who will also offer advice on how to become a better makeup artist.


Visit the instructor page to learn more about each of Lookobeauty's qualified makeup artists!

The Makeup Artistry, Master Makeup Artistry, and Special Makeup courses can be taken without any prior makeup training. These courses start from nothing and give you the fundamental skills and information you need to proceed to more advanced approaches.

Before participating in the Pro Makeup, Global Beauty, or Airbrush Makeup workshops, Lookobeauty advises attending one of the foundational makeup artistry courses.

A BONUS cosmetics kit will be given to you automatically after you submit Unit A of your course. You can finish the remaining units using this makeup. You can use the makeup you currently own for Unit A.


You might also require other items like foundation, mascara, or eyeliner, depending on the course you're taking and the unit you're finishing. You'll eventually begin gradually acquiring your preferred things to create your professional kit.


You'll also need a camera in every lesson so you can document your work. Lookobeauty advises using a high-quality digital camera, but if images are taken clearly and adhere to the instructions in your beauty course book, a cell phone camera can also work nicely.

Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​

Yes! Students and graduates of Lookobeauty are entitled to a 50 percent discount on any other courses that are worth the same or less. To get your discount if you're already enrolled and want to enrol in a new course, just call Lookobeauty!

A minimum age of 18 is required for enrollment in any of Lookobeauty's online makeup courses. With parental permission, Lookobeauty does accept students who are 16 or 17 years old. The PARENTAL CONSENT FORM is available for download.


Please get in touch with us if you are the parent of a student under the age of 16 and would want to talk about enrolling your child in Lookobeauty's online makeup school.

No, the Lookobeauty Cosmetics Academy students are not required to complete the makeup business projects. Depending on your personal and professional makeup artist goals, you can choose whether or not you wish to participate.

Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​

You have a variety of professional like

Makeup Artist Institute In Gurgaon 

options as a makeup artist; you can choose to work. A makeup artist's starting pay might be as high as INR 30,000. One can opt to pursue entrepreneurship by starting their own salon or cosmetics studio, working as a freelance makeup artist, or both.

Check out the link below for a comprehensive career guide and fascinating facts!

Selecting the best makeup school is a difficult decision.
Top 10 globally acknowledged professional criteria that you should consider while choosing a professional makeup programme.
1) Individual instruction
2) Completely hands-on training
3) Experience and Certifications of Trainers
4) Government affiliations of makeup institutes
Six) Reasonable fee structures, five) Industry experience in the academic field
7) Is the training equipment provided by the cosmetic school?
8) Access to the most recent infrastructure and equipment
9) Government-recognized coursework and credentials
10) Possibilities for Job Placement

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The cost of professional beauty makeup classes depends on the length and difficulty of the courses. The course fee for full-time and short-term courses approved by the Indian government can range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

Please visit the link below to learn more about the specifics of the course pricing structure from

 Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon

Following the completion of your professional training, you have the option of working as a freelance makeup artist, starting your own salon or cosmetics studio, or accepting a position as a beauty makeup artist in publications, modelling agencies, fashion catalogue producers, or theatre.

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Alternately, you can delve deeper into the realm of makeup by enrolling in specialised masters programmes in cutting-edge techniques like Airbrush makeup and prosthetic makeup.

Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​
Makeup Artist Institute - Makeup Artist Course In Gurgaon​